Translating custom page template names

Have you ever wondered how to translate custom page template names? I know I have. I want to translate everything what it comes to WordPress. You now that custom page template starts with header like this. ` /* Template Name: My Custom Page */ ` But how to translate it? Thanks to this advice it’s …

Some kind of Franter

I have always been interested about bad guys in the movies. Where are they coming from and why they are acting in such a brutal way. I just saw one version of Frankenstein in Finnish Theatre and I felt like I was building some kind of monster myself at the same time.

Responsive audio Embed

Now that WordPress 3.6 is coming closer and closer with new shiny post format and audio Embed support, it’s time the test things as much as we can. But I’d like to see audio embed responsive in the same way as twitter embed. The basic idea is the same. ` .entry-content .wp-audio-shortcode { max-width: 100% …

Hopeareunus updated to version

There is a small update on Hopeareunus Theme. Add hopeareunus_singular_loop_nav filter to loop-nav.php. Add menu parent class using filter wp_nav_menu_objects and remove it from js. Removed .sub-indicator and added #menu-primary .menu-item-parent > a to styles. The main thing I wanted to do this update is because Chip Bennett told pure CSS way of adding sub …

Add parent menu class

Chip Bennett gave an excellent code snippet in theme reviewers email list. It adds `menu-item-parent` class to every parent menu item. ` function my_add_menu_parent_class( $items ) { $parents = array(); foreach ( $items as $item ) { if ( $item->menu_item_parent && $item->menu_item_parent > 0 ) { $parents[] = $item->menu_item_parent; } } foreach ( $items as …

New WordPress Theme: Hopeareunus

Great work on the theme! Each time you make one, you continue to improve. It’s better than 99% of the themes I’ve ever looked at. Justin Tadlock Well, I’m not happy about that. My goal is that Foxnet Themes are better than 90% of the themes out there.

Dream Theme

I remember like it was yesterday. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird and others really put on a great show. That was a real Dream Team. But wait, was I supposed to write about Dream Themes, not Dream Teams.

WordPress School Curriculum

People at WP Daily were too kind that they let me write some thoughts on WordPress Curriculum.

Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm

Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. It’s pretty hard because some ass**** hacked this site and my other site. Here is some reading what you should do after site got hacked.

Please, please use a Child Theme

YOU BROKE MY SITE!!!!!!!!???? AFTER UPDATE ALL MY MODIFICATIONS ARE GONE, PLEASE HELP ME FIX IT!!!!!!! This is not a story of Johnny Rotten. And story doesn’t start with line “once upon a time”. And it definitely doesn’t have a happy ending. Still wanna read it?