New theme release: Mina olen

I’m happy to announce my new theme Mina olen. I’m not sure am I just slow or into details but it took me several months to create this one. Some of the components are similar to Stargazer theme. They both use the most current HTML5 conventions and microdata.

Paytrail Payment Gateway Published

I’m happy to announce that new Payment Gateway for Easy Digital Downloads plugin is finally ready. I think I started to work on in about 6 months ago, then I put it on hold for a couple of months and coded most of it in December 2013. I have full trust on EDD and Paytrail …

Screen reader text css issue in iPad

Uh, this one is hard to explain. I have debug it about 5 days. When using assistive text for screen readers we usually do it like this. ` .screen-reader-text { clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px); position: absolute; } ` It works on most cases but I hard weird issue when building social navigation menu. Using …

Changes in Foxnet Themes site

There are couple of important changes in Foxnet Themes site. Here is short summary about changes. Paytrail payment gateway I rolled out my first commercial plugin. It’s Paytrail payment gateway add-on for Easy Digital Downloads plugin. I guess site name is now No, not another theme and plugin shop. License length Commercial products now have …

Maybe next year will be better than 2013

Let’s be honest here. My site title says it all: No, not another WordPress Themes shop. I got $877.10 from this site in the year of 2013. At least $200 of that was testing purposes. Am I disappointed? Goes without saying that I am.

Paytrail Payment Gateway demo for Easy Digital Downloads

I’ve been building Paytrail Payment Gateway add-on plugin for Easy Digital Downloads. It’s been fun and another step that I want to take on my WordPress trip. I don’t go into all details just yet but there are couple of things what I’d like to say. for WordPress developers and translators

Is your theme or plugin translations up to date? Would you want your theme or plugin translated to a several languages? Have you translated a theme or plugin and found out that the guy next door is doing the same thing in the same time? Do you feel like it would be easier to translate …

What, there are no new themes!

Well, yes and no. There are no new themes in Foxnet Themes site but I’ve been working some really cool custom themes for clients really hard. I let you know when sites are up and running. I got plenty of ideas for new public themes, just need some time to put them in action. I …

I’m speechless, I’m without speech

When you wake up in Saturday morning and receive this kind of twitter status you’re literally speechless. I know I was, still am, always will be. I’m without speech. I hope everyone recognizes that @samikeijonen is one of the best WordPress theme developers in the world. – Craig MacMillan

Curriculum of WordPress School

I wrote in WP Daily about WordPress Curriculum and now that they have closed they site I feel like I should back up my writing here. I know that original post is now re-directed in torquemag but I don’t feel that comfortable about it. So here is the orginal article.