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WordPress speaks with wp.a11y.speak

I know I’m really late in the game but WordPress can speak! And has been speaking since version 4.2. Lately I’ve been learning more Javascript and needed this feature in one project. In this article I’ll try to explain simplified version how WordPress speaks with wp.a11y.speak() JavaScript method. Usually we have spinner or animation to indicate…

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Elmastudio: Beautiful and Creative Themes

This interview with Elmastudio was long time coming. But it was worth to wait. I have followed their work for years and they build very attractive and creative WordPress themes. This is part of the WordPress theme shops interview series. I hope you have some time to read Elmastudio’s story, who they are, and what…

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Checathlon 1.2.0 and Checathlon Plus 1.1.2

Checathlon theme have been updated to version 1.2.0 and Checathlon Plus Plugin to version 1.1.2. Most of the updates was made while I was building custom child theme for Checathlon. Checathlon updates: Add better support for Subtitles plugin. Check Team Page Template how it looks. Or Pricing Page Template. Or testimonials. Add Polylang support for…

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Writing Accessible Content

Good start for accessible site is using accessibility ready themes and plugins. I have written technical overview how to build accessible themes. But that alone is not enough. Writing accessible content is big part of having accessible site. In this article I summarise good and bad practises about writing accessible content. It’s mostly for WordPress but same tips…

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