Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm

Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. It’s pretty hard because some ass**** hacked this site and my other site. Here is some reading what you should do after site got hacked.

Please, please use a Child Theme

YOU BROKE MY SITE!!!!!!!!???? AFTER UPDATE ALL MY MODIFICATIONS ARE GONE, PLEASE HELP ME FIX IT!!!!!!! This is not a story of Johnny Rotten. And story doesn’t start with line “once upon a time”. And it definitely doesn’t have a happy ending. Still wanna read it?

Me, myself (and I)

Because no one else will interview me, I decided to do it myself.

New WordPress Theme: Kultalusikka

I’m happy to announce my first commercial theme called Kultalusikka. It’s a finnish word and it means “Golden spoon”. It’s also song from Kotiteollisuus. I use this theme in this site so it can’t be that bad. Here is more info about theme and the same info is in readme.html file. What, are you convinced …

Smashing Icon Set

I’m guilty as charged using these Smashing Icons.

Zappy new year 2013!

Have a zappy year 2013! Cheers! I hope Foxnet Themes is gonna fly like an angel. Well at least with one wing.