Building accessible web mainly with WordPress and Eleventy

Hello. I’m Sami Keijonen and I’m front-end developer from Finland. This use to be my theme shop but they are mostly deprecated. You can still find plenty of stuff in Github.

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Naming typography CSS variables

Yeah yeah, naming CSS custom properties (CSS variables) or Sass variables is hard. But even that is not the full picture. In ideal world they are shared with design tools like Figma or Sketch. developers, UX, and visual designers can quickly understand what they mean. adding or removing variables isn’t too painful. Changing the values …

Featured themes

Checathlon theme screenshot of the home page.

Checathlon is perfect theme for your next business, portfolio, or digital products site.

Munsa theme screenshot of the home page.

Munsa is a minimal theme for creative people like photobloggers and artists. It has a clean, fresh, black and white responsive design.


Looking through Toivo theme code is like reading a best-practices manual. Add in the fact that it’s also accessibility-ready makes it nothing short of a work of art.

Justin Tadlock

I looked hundreds of themes but I finally found Foxland and Munsa. This is it! Sami’s themes are visually attractive and easy to use. Support was fast and superb.

Petri Jauhiainen