Sami fist in the air in rock concert in Ilosaarirock.
God gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you.
Put it in the soul of everyone.

Hi there! I’m Sami and I run (I also run) this site called Foxland. I originally called this site No, not another WordPress Themes & Plugins shop. But now it’s more or less me fooling around because pretty much all themes and plugins are deprecated.

I graduated as math teacher back in the day but slowly switched to freelancing as front-end engineer. Then I worked at 10up as senior front-end engineer.

And now I’m back freelancing.

WordPress community

I’m an active member of WordPress community. I’ve been giving talks in WordCamps and meetups and my favourite topic is accessibility. That’s why I’m member of WordPress accessibility team.

I have been co-organizing