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Guest Post: Creating Accessible Themes

I wrote another article in Envato Tuts+ site: Accessibility Tips For WordPress Theme Developers. Same tips apply to any platform though. Why semantic HTML matters. How to structure your pages. How to navigate pages using assistive technology. Remember focus styles. And some more. Most of the resources can be found in accessibility handbook. That’s where all…

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Guest Post: Why Accessibility Matters

I wrote an article in Envato Tuts+ site, it’s called Building an Inclusive Web: Why Accessibility Matters. In that article I share my ideas form empathy to accessibility laws.  It all boils down to quote from Andrea Fercia. Would you build a bridge that only a specific type of car can use? In the article…

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WordPress speaks with wp.a11y.speak

I know I’m really late in the game but WordPress can speak! And has been speaking since version 4.2. Lately I’ve been learning more Javascript and needed this feature in one project. In this article I’ll try to explain simplified version how WordPress speaks with wp.a11y.speak() JavaScript method. Usually we have spinner or animation to indicate…

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Writing Accessible Content

Good start for accessible site is using accessibility ready themes and plugins. I have written technical overview how to build accessible themes. But that alone is not enough. Writing accessible content is big part of having accessible site. In this article I summarise good and bad practises about writing accessible content. It’s mostly for WordPress but same tips…

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Busting the Myths of Accessibility

Teemu Suoranta from Aucor wrote an excellent article about myths and prejudices of accessibility. Article is in Finnish and here is the short summary and “translation” of that article. I added my own twist here and there. Accessibility is not just for people who are in wheelchair or blind As a side note I’m still shocked…

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Designing Accessible Navigation Talk

About half year ago I was speaking accessible navigation patterns in Jyväskylä WordPress meetup. Designing Accessible Navigation is part two of that talk. It’s pretty much the same in the end but this time design had more focus. Anyways it was great to meet everybody after summer holidays in our WordPress Helsinki meetup! Here is the…

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