Theme release: Kuorinka

I’m tired, so so tired. That’s because I have put all my energy in the past three months building this theme. Because I’m tired of WordPress. Because I have nasty flu. Well, mostly because of that. Before I fell asleep I want to tell you something about Kuorinka WordPress theme.

Help me to help you

I have simple request. I want you to help me to help you. You translate my theme and I’ll do the same for you. I’m not begging you but it would be nice for both of us.

Mina Olen updated to version 1.0.6

The biggest update was a wake up call that themes sucks at accessibility. I don’t want to suck. This update is not perfect but it fixes several issues when users are using screen readers or just keyboard. For example now you can access menu and search better. There is still some polish to do but …

Kulkuri: One Page WordPress Theme

Say Hello to my new theme called Kulkuri! It’s a bold One Page theme where you can literally do everything in just one page and scroll to your content using beautiful fixed navigation. Check out the demo what I mean. [envira-gallery id=”1796″] I know there are lot’s of themes with same idea but this one …

Same theme in and

I started my journey in with Mina Olen theme. But it’s completely different theme than version of it. version is build from excellent Hybrid Core and support several plugins like Easy Digital Downloads. won’t allow Hybrid Core in their themes and they have their own plugins build in Jetpack so I …

Adding parameters to WordPress oEmbed

I was trying to enable the JavaScript API for an embedded youtube-player. It means that I somehow needed to add `&enablejsapi=1` to all youtube oEmbed url. When searching around I found a filter called `oembed_result`. Help from this article I found a solution I wanted. ` function my_plugin_enable_js_api( $html, $url, $args ) { /* Modify …

Experiment – commercial theme for free

I’m not happy with my theme sales which are about 1400$ starting from early 2013. That covers pretty much the same as maintaining this site. Kultalusikka theme is leading the stats and have 15 downloads. It’s time for experiment.

Themes and Plugin updates

Most of the themes and plugins have been updated and they now work better with WordPress version 3.9. Here is the most common things that was making some problems. Themes Widgets should now appear also in theme customizer. Some themes still don’t support this new feature but I’m working on updates. Some themes had some …