Give access to all private content

By default only administrator role have access to all private content. But you can give any role to have full access to all private content by following there steps. Install and activate Members Plugin. Go to Settings → Members and Enable the role manager. Go to Users → Roles and edit the role you want. …

Styling private message

By default EDD Members doesn’t add any styles in front end. If you want to style private message there is class edd-members-private-message for that. Here is an example CSS what you can add in your themes or child themes style.css. `.edd-members-private-message { background: #fffbbd; border: 1px solid #e3d95d; margin: 20px 0; padding: 3%; }`

How to setup Front Page in Kulkuri Theme

Front page Setup Kulkuri has one custom page template called Front Page. First, set up your front page. Step 1 Go to Pages → Add New to create a new page to use as the front page. Add a title to this page, it can be anything you want. Under the Page Attributes window, set the template to Front Page. …

Remove footer info in Kulkuri theme

Did you notice that there is some info in footer? You can remove it by putting this code in child theme functions.php inside setup function.