Talking Business

Me talking business? Whaaat. Well, I had a fun day.

  • First I had a meeting in Olari highschool. They’re switching to WordPress. I can help with that.
  • Then I went to my own school in Pohjois-Tapiola highschool and talked about business!
  • After that I had a meeting that I can’t talked about yet. But it was no profit meeting and we talked about beer :).

Talking Business

In Pohjois-Tapiola highschool I was invited to entrepreneur course. You know, talk about business. Me talking about business, that’ll be the day! Well, this was the day. Am I talking to myself again?

I knew most of the students from last year and the group turned out to be really nice. They paid attention and participated. I have slides only in Finnish but here is the short info what happened in classroom.

  • Students formed companies (groups) and I gave them points for “right” answers.
  • I wanted to know why they were attending in entrepreneur course. At least not money!
  • I showed them couple of videos. Funny.
  • I like how Janne Jääskeläinen write about business. Kids, learn from his wise and straightforward words. No bullshit and small talk.
  • How we all do make mistakes and fail over and over again. And that’s great!
  • Remember the points I gave to student groups? In final question I asked them the think about business idea that would outweigh all previous points. And they innovated amazing ideas in just ten minutes! Wow. The price for winner group was twenty euros, I’m that cheap (or poor).

Damn it was fun to be in a class room again. In youth I trust.

Cute animals easter chickens

Unrelated chickens photo but they are so cute.