Kuorinka theme updated to version 1.5.0

Kuorinka theme and Kuorinka Plus Plugin for it has been updated. The biggest change is that Kuorinka theme now supports WordPress Core Logo feature. That can’t be behind paywall in Kuorinka Plus Plugin anymore because otherwise Kuorinka theme couldn’t be in the WordPress.org repo anymore. Logo feature is now under the Customizer → Site identity. Unfortunately you …

Kuorinka Theme and Kuorinka Plus Plugin updated

Kuorinka Theme and it’s add-on Kuorinka Plus Plugin have major updates. I’ve tested them both as much as I can on live sites also. But there could be some issues that I missed. Note that Kuorinka Plus Plugin works only in WordPress 4.3+ version. For example Logo upload in Kuorinka Plus Plugin have big update …

Build(ing) child themes for Kuorinka

Kuorinka theme is build also child themes in mind. You’d say it’s child theme friendly. Justin Tadlock have build Stargazer and Saga themes with the same goal in mind. There are some differences but the basic idea is the same. Creating child themes should be easy, fun and would not require lot’s of code skills.

Theme release: Kuorinka

I’m tired, so so tired. That’s because I have put all my energy in the past three months building this theme. Because I’m tired of WordPress. Because I have nasty flu. Well, mostly because of that. Before I fell asleep I want to tell you something about Kuorinka WordPress theme.