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Writing Accessible Content

Good start for accessible site is using accessibility ready themes and plugins. I have written technical overview¬†how to build accessible themes.¬†But that alone is not enough. Writing accessible content is big part of having accessible site. In this article I summarise good and bad practises about¬†writing accessible content. It’s mostly for WordPress but same tips…

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Busting the Myths of Accessibility

Teemu Suoranta from Aucor wrote an excellent article about myths and prejudices of accessibility. Article is in Finnish and here is the short summary and “translation” of that article. I added my own twist here and there. Accessibility is not just for people who are¬†in wheelchair or blind As a side note I’m still shocked…

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Contributing SVG Icon System to Twenty Seventeen

There are several ways to contribute to WordPress. Code WordPress Core. Translate WordPress to your language. Improve accessibility. Help in support forums. Write documentations. Test new features. Review themes. Teach others. Build features for core or default themes. And the list goes on and on. Before I have mainly contributed by helping in support forums…

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Underscores Development

Underscores¬†is one of the best starter themes out there. I use it as a base for public themes, and very often for custom themes also. It’s that good for several reasons: Build accessibility in mind. Well documented and modern templates. Community effort building it better. It does speed up your work. I usually generate my…

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