WordPress Theme Shops that I Trust

I dislike lists from the bottom of my heart. I have “never” even made a shopping list. And here I am listing WordPress Theme Shops. You might wonder why?

Well, from time to time people don’t like my themes (go figure why) and they ask where else they could find good and solid themes. That’s why I have started to gather WordPress Theme Shops list. You might wonder who can get to the list?

  • I know them from somewhere and I trust them.
  • I like their designs and code.
  • Most of the theme shops are also authors in WordPress.com which means that their theme has been been reviewed very closely.
  • Just because I can.

WordPress Theme Shops

I still don’t like lists. But here it is. There is one catch though. I want to interview other Theme Shop owners to have more info about them. Stay tuned because I’ll link the interviews in the list also. It’s interesting to see how many theme shops owners decline to answer just because I’m asking.

  1. Themehybrid: Interview in article Best Support Ever.
  2. Themetry: Interview in article Mathematical Precision to Detail.
  3. Anariel Design: Interview in article WordPress themes with Human Touch
  4. Audiotheme: Interview in article Perfect Themes for Artists and Musicians.
  5. Pro Theme Design: Interview in article Designs Pro WordPress Themes
  6. Organic Themes
  7. DesignOrbital
  8. PixelGrade: Interview in article Bold and Beautiful Themes.
  9. Themes Kingdom
  10. Elmastudio: Interview in article Beautiful and Creative Themes.
  11. churchthemes.com: Interview in article Themes for Churches.
  12. Array Themes: Interview in article Lot More Than Just Okay Themes.
  13. UpThemes
  14. The Theme Foundry
  15. Automattic
  16. Pixel Union
  17. DevPress: Interview in article Long Live the High Quality Themes.
  18. Obox Themes
  19. Slocum Themes

Don’t feel bad if you’re not on this list. I might remove or add new theme shops. But there is absolutely nothing you can do to get on the list.

I also considered having separate domain for the WordPress Themes Shops but there is no monetizing plans for the list. It is for fun and reference to people who ask me about WordPress Themes.