WordPress Education

It’s been interesting past eight months for me. I took some time off from teaching math in Pohjois-Tapiola highschool and have been WordPress freelancing. It mostly involve custom WordPress sites for clients, public themes and plugins. But I really, really like when I get a change to educate others.

laptop in the table - WordPress education

WordPress Education

There are many ways how I can teach others to use WordPress or how to build sites with WordPress. I’ve been doing this kind of workshops:

  • For clients education is mostly content related. For example how to publish posts, what are categories and tags, how to change menu items, and any custom stuff involved.
  • Sometimes I help by consulting. Should there be custom post types, which membership plugin to use, where should we start, which host to pick.
  • Full day educational workshops are my favorites.

I was honored to have full day workshop for digi agency called BSTR. Be sure to check them out. They are switching to WordPress and wanted help how to build a theme.

How to build WordPress theme

How to build WordPress theme workshop could easily take 2-4 days. For BSTR we had one day but that’s better than nothing.

  • Half of the time we talked about theory and good practices.
  • Other half could have been how to actually build a theme (using Underscores for example). But this time we went trough upcoming WordPress project. Should front page content be populated by metaboxes like CMB2 or ACF, which content should be custom post type and so on.

If you’re just starting out building themes developers handbook is a great resource. Also check out every default theme line by line, like Twenty Sixteen.

Sorry but my slides How to build WordPress theme are only in Finnish at the moment but we talked about these topics:

Let me know if you need help on your WordPress projects. I’ll be more than happy to educate, and learn myself in the same time. Cheers!