Theme release: Kuorinka

I’m tired, so so tired. That’s because I have put all my energy in the past three months building this theme. Because I’m tired of WordPress. Because I have nasty flu. Well, mostly because of that. Before I fell asleep I want to tell you something about Kuorinka WordPress theme.

About Kuorinka

First off all, Kuorinka isn’t just another theme. With this theme I take the most important step as a developer I have taken so far. It means that theme is accessibility-ready, have right to left support, is translation-ready, support microdata and all the WordPress’ built-in theme features and some more. It is my twenty-something theme.

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Kuorinka is combination of _s theme, some of my own experience and some files and ideas from Hybrid Core. Note that theme doesn’t use Hybrid Core, only some files from it.

Theme fits well on business types of sites with clean look but I could imagine bloggers also using the theme.

By the way Kuorinka is a small lake and village in eastern part of Finland where I crew up. And because there is a project to increase the number of free accessible WordPress themes called Cities, I decided the name my theme Kuorinka.

Theme settings versus Kuorinka Plus Plugin

There aren’t any theme settings in the theme. I wanted to keep parent theme as simple as it gets. You probably only want to know what image sizes is used in the theme.

  • Header image: 1152 * 500 pixels
  • Feature images: 720 * 405 pixels

When I was building the theme I was already using it in one of my project. Project had couple of extra things that I needed, for example logo upload and hide footer text. I still didn’t want to add any settings in the Customizer so my only option was build Plugin for it. Kuorinka Plus Plugin was born with these extra features.

  • Logo upload
  • Replace header image with Soliloquy Slider in any page or post you want
  • Change theme colors in the Customizer
  • Change Front Page template settings int the Customizer
    • Set Callout text, video and link
    • Show icons in Front Page widget area
    • Hide posts
  • Remove default footer text and add some of your own text
  • Better CSS support for Custom Content Portfolio and Our team CSS
  • etc…

Child themes

Kuorinka Parent theme is build in a way that child themes are really easy to build. I’m gonna write a separate post about it after I sleep few days. It all comes down how Justin Tadlock have build Stargazer and Saga themes. There are some differences but the basic idea is the same. Creating child themes should be easy, fun and would not require lot’s of code skills.

Edit: Here is tutorial how to build child themes for Kuorinka.

New color scheme can be created in less than an hour because in parent theme style.css I have Child theme friendly zone.

I have plans the build several commercial child themes and they are available in Kuorinka Child theme pack.

Get the theme

I hope you like the theme and use it in your projects. The theme should be available on the theme repository at some point in the near future.