WordPress and Eleventy

This is overview article how WordPress and Eleventy works together. I’m writing this article in WordPress block editor as usual but front-end is now served by Eleventy. In other words back-end is still WordPress. front-end is static using Eleventy. site (foxland.fi) is hosted in Netlify. Code can be found in Github: Foxland Eleventy site. Foxland …

Do you love WordPress Quiz

I love WordPress! I love everything about WordPress! WordPress is so awesome that I’m falling in love with it! I love WordPress community! I originally posted this article in WP Daily¬†which is now Torque Magazine. You can still find and read the original article. But since it’s my article¬†I wanted to publish it in my …

New WordPress Theme: Hopeareunus

Great work on the theme! Each time you make one, you continue to improve. It’s better than 99% of the themes I’ve ever looked at. Justin Tadlock Well, I’m not happy about that. My goal is that Foxnet Themes are better than 90% of the themes out there.