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It’s been interesting to compare theme review processes. Now it’s time to take closer look at theme review process. I’m lucky enough to have couple of themes in there and therefore have some insight information. Let’s talk about how you can get your themes in and what is the theme review process. How…

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Do it yourself theme review

I wanted to compare theme review processes and let’s start what is your role in theme review. In my opinion you play the most important role in theme review. It’s your responsibility to build secure, well coded and beautiful themes. But where to start if you don’t even know how to build solid themes? Role model…

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WordPress Theme Review Processes

WordPress Theme review processes can vary a lot. I’ll try to summarize what kind of reviews I’d like to see and then write about my experiences about theme reviews in different places. Stay tuned for at least these ones: theme review by Justin Tadlock and Sakin Shrestha. theme review. theme review. Theme Forest…

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