Mina olen

Mina Olen Theme updated to version 1.2.0

Mina Olen WordPress theme had a huge update. The major update was updating Hybrid Core to version 3.0.0. Actually at the moment this is my only theme that uses Hybrid Core, my other themes uses just parts of it. Version 1.2.0 – September 21, 2015 Update Hybrid Core to version 3.0.0.  Update using Core functions the_archive_title() and get_the_archive_description() …

Mina Olen updated to version 1.0.6

The biggest update was a wake up call that themes sucks at accessibility. I don’t want to suck. This update is not perfect but it fixes several issues when users are using screen readers or just keyboard. For example now you can access menu and search better. There is still some polish to do but …

Mina olen v1.0.2 released

Mina olen version 1.0.2 is now available. It has couple of changes. Better CSS for header image and callout link. Also couple of body class added. FitVids updated to version 1.1. In front page template portfolios and testimonials are shown as random by default. You can change this using filters.

New theme release: Mina olen

I’m happy to announce my new theme Mina olen. I’m not sure am I just slow or into details but it took me several months to create this one. Some of the components are similar to Stargazer theme. They both use the most current HTML5 conventions and Schema.org microdata.