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Me, myself (and I)

Me: Why are you interviewing yourself?
Myself: Because no one else will. And I like me.

Me: So who are you?
Myself: I’m you.

Me: Seriously.
Myself: I’m Sami Keijonen from Finland and I teach math at Pohjois-Tapiola high school. And some computer science.

Me: So you’re not designer or programmer…
Myself: Noup. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to clue HTML, CSS and PHP together. And what comes to building WordPress themes, I have been in Theme Hybrid School since 2009.

Me: Why did you decided to open new website Foxnet Themes?
Myself: Why not.

Me: Just answer the question.
Myself: I like building themes. And I managed to roll couple of plugins too. It’s hard to describe but building something from scratch feels better than a real thing. And I suck at painting or cooking.

Me: Why did you started to ask money for your themes?
Myself: I need the cash, we all do. And I have a dream that one day I’ll be half time teacher and half time WordPress geek. I’m not sure how it’s even possible but I will try. And hey it’s your dream too. If I fail, I’m gonna be a rockstar or professional athlete.

Me: Do you realize that there are thousands and thousands theme builders already? You don’t have a slightest chance to sell even one theme.
Myself: Hahaa there are already couple of downloads!

Me: What, who was buying?
Myself: Well, it was actually me and I. For testing purposes.

Me: Do you happen to know which song have line “Well me, It’s nice talking to myself”.
Myself: You know I do, it’s Sweating Bullets.

I: I would have known that one too. Thanks for asking me nothing.

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    1. Thanks Thiago! I seem to answer everybody the same way.

      I already used Hopeareunus in my own site.

  1. Hey Sami,

    I have a site in mind for Hope and I am happy to support your new venture! Should be a great educational theme for me as well. Awesome work, can’t wait to dive in, and I will probably have a question or two….

    Talk soon!

    1. Thanks Craig! (I don’t want to break this “Thanks” pattern).

      Which one are you planning to use, Kultalusikka or Hopeareunus? There are more themes coming, also free ones.

      1. I plan on purchasing Hopeareunus very soon, I love the header design you have incorporated into the theme, and a nice break away from “sliders” which I am sick to death of, but clients seem to have just discovered them.

        I am going to email you with a question later today.

        Talk soon!

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