Me, myself (and I)

Me: Why are you interviewing yourself?
Myself: Because no one else will. And I like me.

Me: So who are you?
Myself: I’m you.

Me: Seriously.
Myself: I’m Sami Keijonen from Finland and I teach math at Pohjois-Tapiola high school. And some computer science.

Me: So you’re not designer or programmer…
Myself: Noup. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to clue HTML, CSS and PHP together. And what comes to building WordPress themes, I have been in Theme Hybrid School since 2009.

Me: Why did you decided to open new website Foxnet Themes?
Myself: Why not.

Me: Just answer the question.
Myself: I like building themes. And I managed to roll couple of plugins too. It’s hard to describe but building something from scratch feels better than a real thing. And I suck at painting or cooking.

Me: Why did you started to ask money for your themes?
Myself: I need the cash, we all do. And I have a dream that one day I’ll be half time teacher and half time WordPress geek. I’m not sure how it’s even possible but I will try. And hey it’s your dream too. If I fail, I’m gonna be a rockstar or professional athlete.

Me: Do you realize that there are thousands and thousands theme builders already? You don’t have a slightest chance to sell even one theme.
Myself: Hahaa there are already couple of downloads!

Me: What, who was buying?
Myself: Well, it was actually me and I. For testing purposes.

Me: Do you happen to know which song have line “Well me, It’s nice talking to myself”.
Myself: You know I do, it’s Sweating Bullets.

I: I would have known that one too. Thanks for asking me nothing.