Dream Theme

I remember like it was yesterday. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird and others really put on a great show. That was a real Dream Team. But wait, was I supposed to write about Dream Themes, not Dream Teams.

Well there are some similarities in sports and WordPress Theme development. We need to dream as high as possible, we need to train hard to achieve our goals, we need to have right tools in right places and we need great people to put their ideas together. Actually in this article I try to think what kind of themes would be my dream themes. And what kind of themes I would like to coach (build).

Business and Portfolio theme

I actually have been building this one already and going to publish it in couple of weeks. Here is a early demo. It’s called Hopeareunus.

What I want in business theme is that pages get extra attention. For this theme it means that you can change header image in every page/post and for pages you can write some intro text using build in excerpt feature. Nice. But it doesn’t mean that blog features are going to be left out.

It also needs Custom Post Type for your portfolio items. And as we all know, custom post types should be in a plugin. I decided to support Custom Content Portfolio Plugin because I wanted a plugin, which is simple to use. And I trust the man behind it.

Front page also needs the be as simple as possible but in the same time it shows your latest portfolio and articles. I won’t go too much in details in this article. You get the general idea in demo.

Simple Blogging Theme with one column layout

There are several theme authors who have been building one column layout themes. I want to build one too! Because it looks cool and it really put your content at first priority. And Post Formats get some extra shine.

Theme for artists

I love music and and rock ‘n roll site is definitely in my plans. I see big header image, Soundcloud or HTML5 player for music, good social links, Easy Digital Download for selling your music, Woocommerce for selling non digital products, bbPress for forums. Okay, it takes couple of years to build one. Maybe I start a little smaller scale.

E-commerce theme

Well if I can pull theme for artists, I can definitely pull it of with just support for Woocommerce theme. Kultalusikka already takes care of Easy Digital Download.

Magazine theme

My first attempt with Magazine theme was Path. I think it’s pretty solid one. But I want to rebuild the layout again at some point.

Sports theme

Sport is my other passion along with music. So why not try to make theme for sport. I don’t have a lot of ideas right now how it should work. But Multisite install would be something I would recommend for bigger society. Then each group could have their own site. For sport site we also need custom plugins like Athletes. It would have basic information about athletes, so Custom Post Type would be way to go.

Theme for restaurants

I really want to test Happy Tables for restaurants site. They have a great idea behind it and they have opened it for developers. How cool is that. I wonder how it works with Hybrid Core.

Basic themes

Lot’s of themes can just be general themes with different layouts. Most of the future themes could be just this kind of themes that you can use it pretty much any type of site you want.

What kind of themes would you like the see? Photoblogging, pets, you name it.