Toivo Theme documentation

This is documentation about Toivo Theme. Check out more information in demo site.

Theme License

If you’re using Toivo (Pro) version remember to enter and activate your theme license under Appearance → Theme License. After that you’ll get automatic updates in your Dashboard. You can get your license from your account page.

Note that in Toivo Lite version you don’t need license key.

Front Page Setup

Toivo has Front Page Template for showcasing your most important content, like latest posts or child pages, random portfolios, testimonials and Callout links. First, set up your front page.

Step 1

  • Go to Pages → Add New to create a new page to use as the front page.
  • Add a title to this page, it can be anything you want.
  • Under the Page Attributes window, set the template to Front Page.
  • Publish the page when done. You can add text content to this page.
  • Go to Settings → Reading and click A static front page. In the Front page dropdown, choose the front page you created above.
  • When finished, click Save Changes.

Step 2

In the Customizer, you’ll see the Theme Setting → Front Page Settings tab. In there you can select several things.

  • Enter Callout title, text and link. For Toivo (Pro) version you can add Callout text also in the bottom and add Callout image.
  • For Featured area you can select
    • Child Pages of front page
    • Latest blog posts
    • Random portfolios
  • You can hide Testimonials and in Toivo (Pro) version you can also move testimonials after Featured area.

Note that theme have Page Template only for Child Pages or No Sidebar.

Other Settings in the Customizer

There are couple of more settings in the Customizer for powering up your site.

  • Under Theme Setting → Layout you can select global layout.
    • 1 Column
    • 2 Columns: Content / Sidebar
    • 2 Columns: Sidebar / Content
  • Under Theme Setting → Background Settings you can set Header Background Color and opacity. In Toivo (Pro) version you can also add Background image, color and opacity for Subsidiary (Foooter) Sidebar.
  • Footer background settings you need to have widgets in Subsidiary (footer) sidebar
  • Under Theme Setting → Portfolio Settings you can enter Portfolio Page title and Description. This is available only in Toivo (Pro) version.
  • Portfolio setting are shown only if you have Jetpack’s Custom Content Type module active and Portfolio enabled. That setting is under Settings >> Writing.
  • Under Theme Setting → Footer Settings you can hide or change Footer text. This is available only in Toivo (Pro) version.

The Customizer screenshots

[envira-gallery id=”3113″]

Header Callout text and description in singular views

When you edit post, page, portfolio or testimonial you’ll see Metabox called Header Callout Text under editor. When you enter text for Callout it will replace text in the Header in single pages. Check out the demo page how it works.

Header Callout Text

Image sizes

There are several places where you need to consider which image size should be used in Toivo theme. When you switch theme you might want to regenerate thumbnails.

  • Feature image width is 1260 px , height can be anything.
  • In the post content max width is 700 px but layout doesn’t break if the image is wider.
  • For header image recommended size in 1920 x 500 px but it can be bigger.
  • Logo image recommended size is 300 x 300 px. That works well in Retina screens also because theme forces image to be 150 x 150 px.

Supported Plugins

Theme works just fine on it’s own but if you want more features install and activate Jetpack Plugin. After that you get these features.

  • Upload your logo.
  • Show your testimonials.
  • Show your portfolios.
  • Add infinite scroll in your blog.

Two regular Menus and one Social Menu

Theme has two regular menu locations and one Social menu. One location is at the top of the page, like social menu. Primary menu is located under Header.