Do you love WordPress Quiz

I love WordPress!

I love everything about WordPress!

WordPress is so awesome that I’m falling in love with it!

I love WordPress community!

I originally posted this article in WP Daily which is now Torque Magazine. You can still find and read the original article. But since it’s my article I wanted to publish it in my own site and update it a little bit. Should I start by saying… No actually, I don’t say anything. Here we go.

I love WordPress!

You hear that a lot, right. You’ve said it yourself. You’ve heard your friends said that. You go to the WordCamps and WordPress Meetups and see the joy of everybody’s face. Heck, even your wife said “I love WordPress!” when she started blogging.

For the most part it could just be small talk so nobody really loves WordPress? Or could someone really love WordPress?

Loving hands

Loving WordPress or not?

Stranger things have happened before. People can fall in love with objects and even get married with Eiffel Tower.

So why not you could end up loving with a bunch of code. But how can you tell have you really fallen in love with WordPress?