Contributing SVG Icon System to Twenty Seventeen

There are several ways to contribute to WordPress.

  • Code WordPress Core.
  • Translate WordPress to your language.
  • Improve accessibility.
  • Help in support forums.
  • Write documentations.
  • Test new features.
  • Review themes.
  • Teach others.
  • Build features for core or default themes.

And the list goes on and on. Before I have mainly contributed by helping in support forums and building simple and accessible themes.

When Twenty Seventeen was announced I started to follow it’s development in Github. Then Morten Rand-Hendriksen opened issue about replacing icon fonts with SVG icons. That’s for me, I’m in!

I shared my experiences in Post Status what was it like to contribute SVG icon system to Twenty Seventeen.

It was definitely educational process and hail for the open source.

  • I have lot to learn about Git workflow and automated tests.
  • Technical ideas and code was based on two players:
  • Twenty Seventeen had great leadership, design, code, and over 100 contributors.

If you want to jump right into code, all the main SVG functions can be found in inc/icon-functions.php file.

Or you can read the whole story about contributing to Twenty Seventeen in Post Status.

Big thanks to Leland Fiegel who helped me write the article.