Content Restriction and EDD Members working together

Did you know that you can set membership site also using Easy Digital Downloads. It’s the best plugin for selling digital products. There are at least three add-on plugins that can help you with Membership sites.

  1. Recurring Payment
  2. Content Restriction
  3. EDD Members

content restriction

I’ll give you short example how Content Restriction and EDD Members works together. Content Restriction add-on allows you to restrict content on your site to only those users who have purchased your products. EDD Members can set content private and set membership length in the same time.

  • Restrict Content to page Important, where you need to purchase download called Membership to access page called Important. That’s what Restriction Content Plugin do.
  • User who purchase Membership can access to page Important.
  • In the same same time you have enabled membership length in EDD Members Plugin for Membership download.
  • When some day membership will expire, you can’t access to page Important anymore.
  • User who have not purchased Membership can’t access to page Important no matter what is their membership expire date.

That’s pretty straightforward but I think it was not clear how that works. In other words Content Restriction Plugin is great to give customers access to private page but let’s say you want to have memberships levels also. Then EDD members steps in. For example you could set 14 days free trial, 30 days access for $30 and 90 days access for $60.

Hope this helps if you are wondering how Content Restriction and EDD Members works together.