Chuchadon: WordPress Theme for Sport Clubs

Chuchadon was originally meant to be Church related theme. It’s also a distance fork from Toivo theme. But at some point it just went her own way, and turned in to a sport and fan club theme! It’s also a perfect fit for your fitness, health, or happiness blog.

For sport clubs I recommend SportsPress Plugin. It can bring a lot of sport club functionality in your site. Demo site have some football related content generated by the SportsPress Plugin.

Did I mentioned that Chuchadon is a free theme and it eventually will be available in also.

Sport Theme Features

Sport Club WordPress Theme

Chuchadon header section with search, widgets and social media links buttons have kind of a mobile app feeling. I also worked hard to have accessible navigation experience. Even though theme has fancy Front Page Template it has a lot of potential to be food, health, or fitness blog.

Front Page Template

Chuchadon screenshot

In Front Page Template you can set two Callout sections in the Customizer. One at the top and another one at the botton of the page. Those are good for example promoting tickets for next game.

Cool thing about Callout sections is that you can set background images, color and color opacity for them.

Note that you can even show videos in Callout section in the same was as in post content: Enter youtube URL in it’s own line.

You can show latest blog posts or child pages of front page in Front Page Template. There is also widget area available.

Layout, sidebars and widgets

Theme has one column layout by default but it can have two column layout also. Sidebar on the left or the right side of the content. There are four widget areas in the theme:

  • Primary sidebar which dictates the two column layout.
  • Header widget area which is toggled open and closed.
  • Footer widget area at bottom of the site.
  • Front Page widget are in Front Page template.


Primary menu is at the top of the page. It’s divided in two menu locations: Top left menu and Top right menu. On larger screens toggle buttons are in the middle of the menus. On narrow screens Menu toggle button opens both of the menus.

Social links menu have two locations. One at the top (behind toggle button), and another one at the bottom of the page.

Footer settings

You can enter your own custom text in the footer or hide the footer text. Like all setting this can be found in the Customizer under Theme Settings → Footer Settings.


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For better view check the demo site and then download Chuchadon for free.