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Checathlon 1.2.0 and Checathlon Plus 1.1.2

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Checathlon theme have been updated to version 1.2.0 and Checathlon Plus Plugin to version 1.1.2. Most of the updates was made while I was building custom child theme for Checathlon.

Checathlon updates:

  • Add better support for Subtitles plugin.
  • Add Polylang support for titles and textareas in the Customizer.
  • Add no featured image page template.
  • Add tablet and file text icons.
  • Add wide class styles for images that span larger than the content.
  • Add flex-height for logo.
  • Add checathlon_inside_header and checathlon_after_footer_title action hooks.

Checathlon Plus updates:

  • Check does theme supports custom fonts and colours before loading the files.
  • Update plugin updater to version 1.6.12.