Why build membership plugin for Easy Digital Downloads?

You might wonder why build EDD Members add-on Plugin for Easy Digital Downloads? There are good membership plugins already out there like Restrict Content Pro. Or why not build something from scratch? Wouldn’t that be how all the cool Ninja developers do?

First of all, I’m no Ninja. There is no way I could build as good membership plugin as I wanted if starting from scratch. There are other more important reasons why I took this route.

  • EDD is getting more and more popular and is widely used for any digital store.
  • It’s code base is absolute great and developer friendly.
  • I use EDD anyways in my projects. Why would I build a plugin that even I don’t use.
  • EDD takes care a lot of functionality what membership plugin should have: checkout process, discount codes, login and register forms, profile editor etc.
  • Most importantly, it has lot’s of payment gateways users can use.

To summarize, I decided to build EDD Members add-on Plugin for couple of main reason.

  1. Variety of payment gateways is the biggest advantage.
  2. If we are already using Easy Digital Downloads Plugin there is no need for extra layer for building membership site.
  3. EDD already take cares a lot of functionality (checkout process, login and register forms) even if we are only selling memberships.

I hope these are the reasons why users pick this plugin and not the other one.