1. Ulises Calvo

    Hi, thank you for developing such a nice theme. I am trying out the lite version of your theme and wondering if there is a way to have the home page to show just excerpts of the blog posts as opposed to the long text revealing the full post.
    Thank you and I hope you can answer,

    1. Sami Keijonen

      You’re welcome!

      It’s possible using child theme. You can copy content.php in your child theme and replace these lines with this.

  2. David

    Hey Sami,

    How do I lose the “You may use these HTML tags and attributes…” line under the comments box in Toivo Lite?

  3. Sami Keijonen

    Hi David!

    You can open new topics for Toivo Lite in WordPress.org.

    Those come from WordPress itself but I remember correctly they’ll be removed in WordPress 4.3 which will be soon released.

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