Update: EDD Members and multisite compatible

EDD Members is membership add-on for Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. Root functionality is based on calculating expire date for users. Then we can have private page, post or any post type based on expire date.

Expire date has been saved in User Meta and that’s perfectly fine. But if you had multisite install expire date was the same in all sub sites. It was kind of like global setting. That’s probably not what you would expect if you’re running several membership sites as sub sites.

Therefore user can now have different expire dates on sub sites after version 1.2.0. It’s important to note that EDD Members does not change old expire dates after update automatically. It means couple of things:

  • Nothing will change if you’re using basic WordPress install, not multisite install.
  • Nothing will change automatically even if you’re using multisite install.
    • Users would still have the same expire date on all sub sites.
    • But you can manually update expire dates on User Profile and after that expire date will be only for that sub site.
    • Same happens if user purchase new “membership” download.
  • For fresh multisite installs user expire date is automatically unique for all sub sites.

You can read more details how this all works from the article User meta in WordPress multisite.