Some kind of Franter

I have always been interested about bad guys in the movies. Where are they coming from and why they are acting in such a brutal way. I just saw one version of Frankenstein in Finnish Theatre and I felt like I was building some kind of monster myself at the same time.

Theme is officially called Eino. It’s the name of my mothers father (died in a war long before I was born) and he has nothing to do with the nickname Franter. The theme I was building seems to be half of Frankestein, half Monster. And I like it!

Support for all kind of plugins

Why do I call it Franter? Because when I started building this theme it was supposed to be one column blogging theme. But then Satu theme was released and it was pretty much what I already had in hands so I started adding stuff to the theme. And when I finished one part of the theme, I added another part. And another one. And another one.

You can check out the demo and here are couple of supported plugins for the theme.

  • Custom Content Portfolio: For showing off your portfolio install Custom Content Portfolio Plugin and you’re ready to go. There is also Custom Page Template for Portfolios with Front Page Widgets.
  • bbPress: We all know that bbPress is pretty much only Forum plugin for WordPress. But I still don’t like the styles of bbPress or how it looks on mobile devices. That’s why I like to give bbPress a nice little haircut.
  • BuddyPress: I haven’t used BuddyPress on a live site so it was fun to notice that it works the same way as bbPress. It’s still a work in progress but I’m getting somewhere. It’s the same as with bbPress and I just need to roll my own styles to it. Hmmm for multisite demo I have problems setting up a BuddyPress.
  • Easy Digital Download: EDD has become one of my favorite plugin so naturally I wanted to give some love to it.
  • Woocommerce: Hey if you need to sell other than digital downloads, Woocommerce is a must plugin.

Theme is bloated with CSS

No, not really. Naturally there are some extra lines of CSS in themes style.css but not that much. And plugins CSS files are only loaded when you actually install and activate the plugin. So there is no extra bloat.

But who needs all those plugins?

For most of the sites you won’t need all those plugins at the same time. But if you think rock artist for example, they might even need all of those. They want to communicate with their fans and bbPRess and BuddyPress gives you tools for that. And you definitely want to sell your digital downloads or t-shirts in your site.

Theme Customize

You can do crazy stuff with theme Customize

You can do crazy stuff with theme Customize

I admit that I went too far with Theme Customize. But there were no turning back. I have already gave my soul to the devil. With Theme Customize you can

  • change font size and font family for body and headings.
  • choose between several premade Color Schemes in the theme and you can even use your own custom colors. Note! I still want you to use Child Themes for customizing your theme. But in a way theme is build it takes about one minute to change color scheme for whatever you want. I’ll post a tutorial for that later on.
  • show your avatar or upload logo image in header.
  • use full screen backgrounds and even have random backgrounds if you want. All you need to do is upload different backgrounds under Appearance >> Background.
  • choose global layout to be one column, two colums or three columns. Content on the left, right or center.
  • change footer text.
  • add social media links.
  • add Front Page Callout URL, text and image.

I could load more screenshot here but it’s better if you just try it yourself.

Eino Theme will only work with WordPress 3.6 or later

I like the new Post Formats functions that are coming to WordPress 3.6. They give you the freedom to design different post formats more easily. But they will only work in WordPress 3.6 or later.

Couple of examples how to design post formats.

For now you can only find Eino in Github. Naturally I will release this theme right after WP 3.6 is ready.

It would be great if you can give it test spin in your local WP 3.6 test environment. Or check the code in Github and give me feedback.

This theme pretty much represent all that I know about building themes right now. But after one year when I look back I might think differently.

Join me in the dark side of the moon

Am I evil? No, not really. Just another theme.

Am I evil? No, not really. Just another theme.