Plugin releases: EDD Members and Feedback

I started out building only WordPress Themes but building Plugins is equally fun! May I proudly present EDD Members and EDD Feedback. Even if they are commercial plugins I have decided to publish them public in Github also. Business men will probably think that’s just stupid, now you never gonna sell any licenses. But I have already been doing it for commercial Mina Olen Theme and the sales are not that bad.

There are couple of reasons why I keep those commercial plugins in public repo.

  • I’ve got nothing to lose. I still have my day job:)
  • I believe in transparency.
  • I’m not that good developer (I’m a teacher) and better developers than me can help me with the code when it’s on Github.
  • EDD team might suggest their users about these plugins when they can see the code and find it solid.
  • I trust the WordPress Community that they will pay the license if they use the plugins in live site.

Let’s have closer look what these plugins can do.


Membership Plugin for Easy Digital Downloads

EDD Members is membership add-on plugin for Easy Digital Downloads. I have already written introduction about the plugin. This is the plugin for you if are looking for these criteria.

  • Easy way to create membership site and have private content for members only.
  • You want to choose from lot’s of different Payment Gateways, not just Paypal.
  • You’re already using Easy Digital Downloads for selling digital products like eBooks or themes. There is no reason to use other plugins for creating membership site.

If you ask me EDD Members is  a perfect fit for any membership site. Pretty much all membership site features are covered with the power of couple of other add-ons.

[purchase_link id=”2658″ style=”” color=”” text=”Purchase EDD Members”]

Send Feedback email after purchase

EDD Feedback is also add-on plugin for Easy Digital Downloads. With the plugin you can send automatic feedback emails after purchase. You can read more details in introduction post. I hope you find it useful when you want send emails to your customers to interact with them.

[purchase_link id=”2700″ style=”” color=”” text=”Purchase EDD Feedback”]