Webshare is another social sharing plugin but it only displays three sharing links with Genericon fonts. So it’s lightweight.

When you activate the plugin social sharing appears after singular post. You can drag and drop social icons in different order under Settings >> Webshare.

There you can choose under which post types you want social icons to appear or do you want to disable some of them.

Add Twitter username in your profile page (called Twitter Username) if you want to show it when sharing to twitter.

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Theme support

If you want to set location where social sharing appears, load Genericons and handle the CSS in your theme, add this code in your themes functions.php.

/* Webshare plugin support. This means that theme handles the CSS already. */
add_theme_support( 'webshare', array( 'styles' => true ) );

Then add this code in your themes template file where you want webshare to appear.

<!--?php <br ?--> if ( function_exists( 'webshare' ) ) {
webshare(); // Sharing icons.


You can see the demo in Mina olen demosite. You can get Mina olen theme from here.


  • Setting page is under Settings >> Webshare.
  • At the moment social sharing appear automatically only after content.
  • Only Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are available.
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