Kuorinka is an accessible, translation-ready theme. It supports right-to-left languages, Schema.org microdata, and all of WordPress’ built-in theme features. It’s also child theme friendly.

Theme itself is a free and made for business types of site, schools and bloggers, you name it.


Kuorinka Plus Plugin for more features

I have created custom plugin for Kuorinka Theme for people who need some more features. The plugin is called Kuorinka Plus. Note! The plugin works only WP 4.3+.

  • Enable accessible multi-level dropdown mobile menu.
  • Logo upload
  • Replace header image with Soliloquy Slider in any page or post you want
  • Change theme colors in the Customizer
  • Change Front Page template settings int the Customizer
    • Set Callout text, video and link
    • Show icons in Front Page widget area
    • Hide posts
  • Remove default footer text and add some of your own text
  • Better CSS support for some Plugins
  • And what ever comes to my mind what might help you with your site

Kuorinka child themes pack

I have made couple of child themes with different color schemes. I have plans to build more child themes little by little. You can use them as they are or create your own child themes using these as a starting point. It should dramatically speed up your work if you want to modify original colors of Kuorinka theme. You can preview all child themes in demo site, look for Preview child themes in sidebar.

  • Kuorinka Orange
  • Kuorinka Green
  • Kuorinka Violet
  • Kuorinka Red

Other child themes in the wild

Let me know if you have created child theme and want it to be listed here. Remember to check out Kuorinka Child Dev theme how child theme should be done. As a return I can give you any commercial theme and Kuorinka Plus Plugin for your projects for free.


Feel free to help us translate Kuorinka in your language. Kuorinka has already been translated into the following languages: