EDD Members

EDD Members is add-on Plugin for Easy Digital Downloads. It is useful for sites where you need to have payment wall before user can see private content. You can use it for example these kind of sites.

  • Online magazines where some of the content is private and only paying customers can see the content.
  • Tutorial sites where some of the content can be marked as private.
  • Any WordPress site where you want to set support or documentation private.
  • You tell me!


EDD Members is not trying to solve everything about membership sites but it has really nice features which enables membership site in minutes.

  • You can check any public post type content private. For example you can set all pages or all posts private at once.
  • You can make singular post type content private. For example you can set only 10 of your posts private but all others are public for everyone.
  • Users can see private content only if they have valid membership which is based on expire date. You can enable membership calculation in any of the download item you use in your shop.
  • You can set membership length in the same time as you decide download item price. And you can set different membership lengths for variable prices also!
  • In Downloads → Settings → Extensions you can set text for private content. You can set different text for logged in and logged out users.
  • You can decide whether comments are private or not.
  • EDD Members can send automatic renewal notice emails to users that their membership is about to expire. You can set time period when emails are sent. For example 2 days before and 1 week after expire date.
  • You can modify expire date in users profile page.
  • Sort users based on expire date in Users admin page.
  • Delayed (drip) content rules using shortcode. This way you can release “drip content” or content that becomes available in sequence. For example after seven or twenty days after membership purchase. This is useful in lectures or reading assignments that are unveiled daily or weekly as you progress through the material.