EDD Download info

This add-on plugin adds download features and widgets for Easy Digital Download plugin. So you need to install EDD first.

Plugin Features

EDD Download info plugin is mainly for WordPress Themes and Plugins shop with some added features.

  • Adds metabox where you can add URL for your demo, document and support site. There is also updated date because this is not normally same as updated date of your download ‘post’.
  • Adds download features (custom taxonomy).
  • Adds two widgets. One widget is for showing download info like purchase link, demo, document and support site links, version number, download count and updated date.
  • And another widget is for download features.
  • Adds shortcode for “Free Download” button. This is for downloads which you want to give away free and host in wordpress.org for example, but still have them on your site as a download.

If you need support for this plugin you can buy support.