Show downloads only from certain category

If you want to display downloads only from certain category in Front Page template, there is a filter called kultalusikka_front_page_download_arguments. Here is an example if you want to display only downloads from themes category.

Put this in child theme functions.php inside setup function.

/* Show only downloads from 'themes' category. Taxonomy is called 'download_category'. */
add_filter( 'kultalusikka_front_page_download_arguments', 'kultalusikka_child_front_page_arguments' );

Add this after setup function.

function kultalusikka_child_front_page_arguments( $download_args ) {

	$download_args['tax_query'] = array( 
			'taxonomy' => 'download_category',
			'field' => 'slug',
			'terms' => 'themes'

	return $download_args;

Remember to change themes to something else if needed.