Setup social menu (video)

There are three menus in Mina Olen theme. Primary menu at the top of the page, subsidiary at the bottom of the page and Social menu at the bottom of the page. Social menu is really cool because you can set your social links in the same way as in you set up any menu. You can change the order and enter only those social links you want.

  1. Go to Appearance → Menus and create new menu.
  2. On the left side select Links.
  3. In URL field you can for example enter or and Link text could be Facebook or Github.
  4. Add link to menu. Do the same in all your social menus.
  5. All the Genericon social links are supported.
  6. Then Save your menu and assign it to Social menu location.
  7. That’s it. Go to your site and scroll down in bottom of the page and you’ll see social menu icons in there.

Here is video tutorial of the same process.