Give access to all private content

By default only administrator role have access to all private content. But you can give any role to have full access to all private content by following there steps.

  1. Install and activate Members Plugin.
  2. Go to Settings → Members and Enable the role manager.
  3. Go to Users → Roles and edit the role you want.
  4. Check edd_members_show_all_content.
  5. Update role.
  6. If you don’t see edd_members_show_all_content capability do this.
    • Click Add New Capability.
    • Enter edd_members_show_all_content and click Update user.
    • After that you can check edd_members_show_all_content capability.

Note! User expire date can be modified under user Profile page if role have edd_members_edit_user or manage_shop_settings capability. You can add those to any role in the same way as adding edd_members_show_all_content capability.