Differences between Munsa and Munsa Lite theme

There are some differences between Munsa (Pro) and Munsa Lite theme. I’ll update this list whenever there is some changes. You can do these things in Munsa theme but not in Munsa Lite theme.

  • In the Customizer there are settings that are available only in Munsa (Pro) theme
    • Theme Settings → Front Page: Set content background color and opacity for Front Page Template. Also content color can be changed.
    • Theme Settings → Contact Info: Contact Info (email, phone, address, other info) will be displayed in Contact Info and Front Page Templates.
    • Theme Settings → Social Menu: You can hide social menu from Front PAge or Full Background Image Page Templates.
    • Theme Settings → Footer: You can hide or replace default Footer text.
  • There are several new Page Templates: Full Background Image, Contact Info, Child Pages, and Featured Image on the right or left..
  • Contact Info Widget. There will be probably some other widgets in the Pro version.
  • Fast support from me.