Differences between Toivo and Toivo Lite theme

There are some differences between Toivo (Pro) and Toivo Lite theme. I’ll update this list whenever there is some changes. You can do these things in Toivo theme but not in Toivo Lite theme.

  • You can toggle Primary menu submenus in Toivo (Pro) theme. This is useful for long menus.
  • Hide or change Footer text. By default there is link to WordPress.org and in my site. Many business sites wants custom text for footer.
  • Change Portfolio title and description in portfolio archive page in the Customizer.
  • Change Header text and description when editing singular pages.
  • Add Subsidiary Sidebar Background Image and Color. Looks the same as header image and you can change the color opacity.
  • Add Callout section and Callout image at the bottom of Front Page template. This is the template that’ll probably get some more love in Pro version.
  • Change order of the testimonial and feature area in Front Page Template.
  • Toggle sub menus in Primary menu. If this works well this will be added in Lite version also.
  • I’ll might also add support for team members or similar in Pro version. I haven’t decided which Plugin I’m going to use for it.