Checathlon Plus Features

Most of the extra features are in the Customizer under Theme Settings, Theme Fonts, or Theme Colors. You can see Checathlon Plus features in action on demo site.

Here are the sections and extra features highlighted.

Theme Fonts

In the Customizer you can locate Theme Fonts. From there you can change fonts for

  • Site title
  • Post title
  • Main navigation links
  • Headings
  • Base body font for text

Checathlon fonts in the Customizer

Change fonts in the Customizer

There are several font options from Google fonts and from basic web safe fonts.

Font options in the Customizer

Chooce fonts from several Google fonts or web safe fonts

Theme Colors

In the Customizer you can locate Theme Colors. From there you can change colors for

  • Header and main navigation
  • Content (text and heading colors)
  • Buttons
  • Footer

Change theme colors in the Customizer

Note that there is not a color option for every section of a theme. But still enough for setting you brand colors and get you started.

Color options for site header

Checathlon Plus package include premade child themes which have all the color and background styles. That’ll help you customize your site even more.

Service and Pricing Widget

Service and pricing widget is good fit in front page or Pricing Page Template for highlighting your most important part of your site.

  • In the Customizer go to Widgets→ Service and Pricing Widget area.
  • Add Service and Pricing Widgets.
  • You can set
    • icon
    • title
    • highlight title
    • content
    • price
    • callout link

Service and pricing widget settings in the Customizer

Front Page Featured Area

Under Theme Settings → Front Page Featured Area you can set download tag from which downloads are show in

  • Front page.
  • After single download.
  • In checkout page when cart is empty.

Screenshot of the Customizer for download tag

Add download tag in the Customizer

Note that you need to have Easy Digital Downloads Plugin installed and activated before you can see this feature.

Before Footer Widgets Settings

Under Theme Settings → Before Footer Widgets Settings you can set extra title and icons for the before footer widget area.

Screenshot of the Customizer before footer widgets area

Set title and icons in before footer widgets area

First Widget Settings

Under Theme Settings → First Widget Setting you can set background image, color, and color opacity for the first widget in two widget areas:

  1. Front Page Widget Area.
  2. Widget area after content.

This works like a callout section so place your most important widget at first.

Screenshot of first widget settings in the customizer

First widget settings

Easy Digital Downloads

Under Theme Settings → Easy Digital Downloads you can set

  • empty cart text
  • show downloads when the cart is empty.
  • Enter downloads featured title.
  • Note that in empty cart and after single download featured downloads are coming from the same tag as in section Front Page Featured Area.

Screenshot of Easy Digital Downloads settings

Enter empty cart text and show downloads


Under Theme Settings → Footer you can enter custom footer text or hide footer section all together.

Screenshot of footer settings in the Customizer

Enter custom Footer text or hide Footer.

Social links in the sidebar

Social links menu appears in the Footer. But if you set Custom menu widget with the same social menu, you get the similar looking social links in the sidebar.

Set social links in the custom menu widget

Here is how you create Social links menu with icons in the footer:

  1. Create a menu under The Customizer→ Menus.
  2. You can name it whatever you want. My social links for example.
  3. Add Custom links in the menu. For example
  4. Set menu location to Social Links.
  5. You should see social link icons in the footer.

Now you can have the same social menu icons in the main sidebar:

  1. Go to Widgets→ Main Sidebar.
  2. Add Custom Menu widget.
  3. Select the same menu as above. My social links in our example.