Checathlon Theme Reviews

For me it’s easy to tell that I really like Checathlon theme. I can list all the features and write documents but sometimes you get blind of your own work. That’s why I let other people review my themes.

Justin Tadlock and Sakin Shrestha are one of the best theme reviewers in the world. They have paid theme review service and they reviewed code and gave design tips.

Your code for this theme is really solid and I haven’t been able to find out the code issue. We will check in few design issue and will post in Github

No big issues were found. Nice!

Even more important is feedback from the users perspective. That’s why I paid for two reviews:

  1. Checathlon theme review in
  2. Checathlon theme review in

Review in

I really liked Ben’s review and his honest attitude how he makes them. Even I paid for him he made it perfectly clear that he’ll give an honest opinion. Whether he hates the theme or not. Luckily for me he liked it!

Quite frankly Checathlon is an awesome theme. The work Sami have done on this is quite something. It’s very easy to use and has plenty of options for customization

Ben also gave valuable feedback about the pain points, how to setup and use theme features. This is what I call a real review. Hopefully it also helps people who are using the theme. For me it’s great documentation how to use Checathlon theme.

Thanks to Ben and Bob for reviews!